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Product Code - awaw
Dimension - waaw
Weight - aw
Description - awawaw

Product Code - wa
Dimension - aw
Weight - aw
Description - aw


Product Code - SDWF0013
Description -

Product Code - SDWF0012
Description -


Product Code - SDWF0010
Dimension - Paper Box Size 26.5X16 Cms
Description - An auspicious art piece used in all rituals.Available in vivid colours in paper box packing

Product Code - SDWF0009
Description - Elegant Toran style small size decorative diya. Electrifying colours with beautiful combinations


Product Code - SDWF0006
Description -

Product Code - SDWF0011
Description -
Beautifully crafted Rangoli Pattern small Diya in pair. Selective sobre colours giving ultimate look.


Product Code - SDWF0007
Dimension - 26.5X16 Cms.
Description -

This is an auspiciuos design of Swastik. Mostly used during all religious rituals.Available in paper box packing in multiple colours and combinations

Product Code - SDWF0008
Dimension - Paper Box Size 26.5X16 Cms.
Description - A unique designer Diya in vibrant colours with umpteen combinations. Pair in Paper box packing with window display.


Product Code - SDWF0005
Dimension - Paper Box Size- 26.5X16 Cms
Description - Small yet cute and colorful designer diya. Available in paper box with window display.Best suitable for gifting /home use. Box has pair of Diya.

Product Code - SDWF0004
Dimension - Paper Box Size- 26.5X16 Cms
Description - Very elagant and Colourful set of 2 Diya,packed in paper box with window display.Most suitable for personal gifting and home use for all occasions. LIMITED EDITION AVAILABLE


Product Code - SDWF0003
Dimension - Paper Box Size- 26.5X16 Cms
Description - Rangoli based designer diya, comes in set of 2, very elegant and colourful,packed in paper box with window display. Limted Edition available.

Product Code - SDWF0002
Description - Small and cute designer diya in paper box packing available in multiple colour and combinations.Each piece carrying uniqueness and eye catching look. Best suitbale designer Diya for own use and gifting.


Product Code - SDWF0001
Dimension - Paper Box Size- 26.5X16 Cms.
Description - Sober, Sweet and elegant with touch of tradition. This small designer diya available in pair in Paper box. Currently out of Stock

Product Code - SDF0010
Description - SDF0010


Product Code - SDF0009
Description - SDF0009

Product Code - SDF0008
Description - SDF0008 iwc replica watches


Product Code - SDF0007
Description - SDF0007

Product Code - SDF0006
Description - SDF0006



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