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Product Code - SDF0003
Description -

Product Code - SDF0002
Description - SDF0002


Product Code - SDF0001
Description - One of the master piece of collection.Electrifying colours and eye catching look. Sleek and Sober wall hanging, most suitable on Coloumns or Corners in home.This is decorative piece for show case,not for lighting purpose.

Product Code - MDWF0001
Description -


Product Code - BT0001
Description - Big Thali Diya with 15 Numbers of Diya slots beuatifully decorated. available in multiple colour and combination.Enhances the look of Drawing Room as tabl top,or can be lighten up on any auspiciuos occassion

Product Code - BDWF0005
Description -


Product Code - BDWF0004
Description -

Product Code - BDWF0003
Description -


Product Code - BDWF0002
Description -

Product Code - BDWF0001
Description -


Product Code - BDF0006
Description -

Product Code - BDF0004
Description - An Exclusive Designer Diya with wooden Box Frame beautifully decorated with semi 'kundan'. Golden frame give an ethinic and traditional look. Best suitable for Gifting and home decoration.


Product Code - BDF0003
Description - An ultimate designer big diya with fine carving. Coloured with vibrancy and decorated with Kundan. Wooden Box Frame to be used as wall hanging. Decorative art piece not for lighting purpose.

Product Code - BDF0002
Description - Big Designer Diya in wooden box frame for wall hanging. Filled with utmost crafting & colour combination. Most suitable at entrnace and drawing room. This is decorative piece and not for lighting purpose.



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